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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Special Deliveries!

 These are some commissions that I have worked on for the past couple of months and have delivered to their new homes! 

'Amazing Grace'
This is a hook commissioned from a family in Vancouver for their daughter and all her prize medals, a special place for them all to hang.
 'Sweet November'
This Wreath was commissioned by someone who loved the first one I did, but had sold.  It was awesome recreating this piece, all the while giving this new Wreath it's own unique qualities through different colors, new flowers and texture. I can never really make any piece look the same as another, but that's what makes every
piece of art work unique and one of a kind!

'Kootenay Rose, Midnight'
This last piece is a rose, which I make quite a few of, but not of this particular color.  It caught the eye of a customer in our store and she just had to have one! I was excited to be able to give this piece a great home, and I hope that they like it as much as I do!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting ready for Make It! Edmonton and Vancouver.  Both shows are over now and they were awesome!  Met some amazing artists and made some great sales.  The Enjoy Centre was a really great venue, full of sunshine and flowers.  Litterally, it was a greenhouse full of pointsettas and flowers fit right in!

Most Christmassy!

This is the rockin' window display that we did for the town's contest this winter.  We won most Christmassy! and Babera made the prize wreaths, they are beee-uuutiful! And check out the rad window, it's got real doilies stuck to it, and it looks amazing!

Check out the radness that is our window!  Awesome cut out snowflakes and vintage doilies, yayer!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let's start off with a little bit of AWESOME!

Well, I gotta start somewhere with this thing...Blogathon 2012 begins!

 5 years in the making and yesterday we finally put in Jen and Al's Bannister.  It's not perfect and requires some spring work when I am back from travels, but at least it's in there and I got the angles of the stairs right (Giving me nightmares!)...  But HOT DAWG!!! it's AWESOME! And they love it. Phew!