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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Special Deliveries!

 These are some commissions that I have worked on for the past couple of months and have delivered to their new homes! 

'Amazing Grace'
This is a hook commissioned from a family in Vancouver for their daughter and all her prize medals, a special place for them all to hang.
 'Sweet November'
This Wreath was commissioned by someone who loved the first one I did, but had sold.  It was awesome recreating this piece, all the while giving this new Wreath it's own unique qualities through different colors, new flowers and texture. I can never really make any piece look the same as another, but that's what makes every
piece of art work unique and one of a kind!

'Kootenay Rose, Midnight'
This last piece is a rose, which I make quite a few of, but not of this particular color.  It caught the eye of a customer in our store and she just had to have one! I was excited to be able to give this piece a great home, and I hope that they like it as much as I do!

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